Monday, February 22, 2010

Realizing Masculinities (Call for Papers) Deadline: March 13th, 2010!!

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: “Realising Masculinities” DiaV Quinto 2010

DiaV Quinto, Spain, is inviting artistic contributions on the theme of “Realising Masculinities” for an exploratory and interdisciplinary community project to be exhibited in March-April 2010 in Quinto, Spain.

DiaV Quinto 2010 is a community project which raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Founder Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues. Another important part of the project is the experiential workshops Love Your Body facilitated by the best national and international experts on the field of gender. The workshops are about (re)presentation, designed from the belief that we can only ultimately conceive ourselves and one another in relation to the circulation available of images in any given society (Watney1997, p.8 [1987]). That is to say, how we individually think of gender violence, and respond to it, depends primarily on our own relationship to our sexuality and to our bodies.

After the success of our Vagina(s) Exhibition, Realising Masculinities was born of a public demand of men to take into account their voices on the issue of gender violence. We realised that most of the work on gender violence focuses only on women as victims or, recently as vagina warriors, but relatively little community work is done to account for men’s experiences of manhood (see IDS report on “Politising Masculinities: Beyond the Personal, 2007)

Realising Masculinities will consist of an open free exhibition in Quinto’s Civic Centre and the neighbourhood villages that will hold all the illustrations and creative submissions about men’s sexuality submitted not only by the community members of the county but wider participants.  

We are seeking words, drawings, photographs, illustrations, short poems and other creative submissions which may consider, amongst other things:

-       Words on men’s sexuality
-       Re-thinking the men’s genitalia
-       Artistic representations of the male genitalia
-       Artistic representations of men’s body, from the men’s body
-       The relationship of men to their genitalia
Deadline to send creative submissions is 13th of March. You can send your drawings to:
Arantxa Porroche c/o Natalia Subias
C/ Ramon y Cajal s/n
Quinto CP. 50770

For more information, email Ana Porroche Escudero on