Monday, May 23, 2016

"Man Who Has It All" Facebook/Parody Site

Was introduced to this "Man Who Has It All" Facebook page today. Parody to incite thought about gender roles (especially men and parenthood) and perceptions. Thoughts?

These Four "Ordinary" Men Got Madeup and Photoshopped to Match the "Ideal" Male Body

By Mark Denicola from Collective Evolution
While the majority of beauty ideals are directed towards women, men certainly feel the pressure to be beautiful, too. To prove this, the four gentlemen behind The Try Guys (Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, and Zach Kornfeld) decided to seek professional help in re-creating four famous male celebrity photos.
They decided to document the entire experience, showing not only just how many adjustments can be made in the creative process but also how they feel about their bodies.