Monday, August 31, 2009

Formed to be TOUGH.

I found Tough Guise to be a very interesting movie. I enjoyed all of the examples. A few stuck out in particular though. It made me mad how Dice Clay, the comesdiea would talk shit about females and the sudience would clap and love it. Laso, how Howard Stern re-infored olf fashioned sexist values. I didn't like how those women were on his show flashing themselves, I feel like they should respect themselves more and Stern should not be an ass and show stuff like that. The star wars bodies of the axtion toys showed how men looked back then and how they are trying to look now. It upset me about all of the harassment toward gays. How 1/3 of teen suicides are gays and how people left hate messages on machines of gays. I do not agree that being a man you have to be in control, it is what boys and men are taught, and it disgusts me. My best friend is a guy, I dated him but now were best friends. He works out to make himself healthy and feel good. He is quiet, respectful and modest. He never judges anyone and i find he cries more than I do. This makes me love him more as a man not less. It said you gain respect by disrespecting a person and "real man" is intimidating and controlling.. AHHH this all makes me want to scream. Men think it's okay to yell, burp, fight, curse, punch, demand becasue this is" the norm" for men. I know when and if i have a son, he will be brought up in a nice way. The examples in the movie is no way a man should act. In movies all men have crazy wild sex, hve 2 pack abs, bulging muscles, win every fight they start, this is not the norm and this is making everday men try harder and harder to be like this.

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