Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"To My Male Relatives on Facebook Who 'Like' Sexism" by Jessica Valenti

This was written by Jessica Valenti for The Nation and is so important and appropriate for discussions around masculinity, sexism, and gender-based violence.

(an excerpt) "...I know that a quick click on the “like” button may not seem like a big deal to you—but it scares me to think about the larger implications. I think about the high school kid in Steubenville, Ohio, joking and laughing about the unconscious teen girl in the next room who had just been raped by two of his classmates. That may seem a million miles away from “liking” a video—but it’s all part of the same world, the same culture that devalues women. Even laughing at a joke about rape supports the idea that women are less than and makes rapists think that you are like them. And the more you laugh at this stuff, the easier it becomes to take the ideas you’re laughing at more and more seriously."

Read the article here: "To My Male Relatives on Facebook Who 'Like' Sexism"

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