Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trans views of masculinity

We get a lot of perspective about masculinity from cisgender men and women and I wanted to find some viewpoints from transmasculine/nonbinary folks. This article interviews twelve trans people about their definition of masculinity, along with a little blurb about each person's job, age and gender identity. I loved how the the first person asked about where they are on the gender spectrum answered, "Over it."

The gender binary can cause trans people to feel forced into presenting as the opposite gender they were assigned at birth in order for people to not automatically assign them that same gender immediately upon seeing or meeting them. I admire those who push their own and others' views about the binary system of gendering, which can be intensely limiting to everyone born into that system. Another person, when asked about where they fit into the spectrum, simply stated their name, "Thomas." Take a look at the article to read about each person's definition of masculinity as it relates to their gender.

Masculinity Means...

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