Thursday, October 8, 2009


V-Day invites men and boys throughout the world to join V-Day in 2010 as we launch the first phase of V-Men.

Developed by men, V-Men is a new program inviting the voices of men and boys into the worldwide movement and the dialogue about ending violence against women and girls. V-Men will work with men and boys in communities to address the issue of violence against women from a male perspective, addressing the root causes of the violence and the ways men can help end it.

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Over the next year V-Day organizers will hold V-Men workshops, consisting of a PowerPoint presentation compiled by a dedicated committee of V-Men, along with an overview for hosting a workshop to engage men in a dialogue about ending violence against women. These workshops will lead to the development of a V-Men theatrical piece, scheduled to debut for V-Season 2011.

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Kelly T said...

this seriously gave me chills because ever since I first saw the Vagina Monologues my Freshman year I've been wondering about this. I'm SOSOSO excited! Thanks for sharing! :D