Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call of Duty-Women in the Game

Last night I was watching my boyfriend play the new XBox game "Call of Duty-Black Ops." He was playing the campaign mode which is basically the story mode of the game. In this story mode there are cut scenes to tell you the story behind why you are killing certain people but when this goes on you can still control the view of your character by moving your head up and down or right and left. However, there was this one scene where you are walking through the headquarters and the only woman, who was a secretary, is supposedly checking you out. Even though you have control over where you look the entire rest of the cut scenes, when you pass by the woman that is the only time you cannot control your view and it basically forces you to "check her out." My boyfriend and his male friends just thought it was funny and called it a "James Bond moment." I did not think it was funny that you are forced to check out the only woman I saw in the game as if that is what a man has to do. It just reinforces the idea of masculinity and the male gaze seeing women as objects and not subjects, as she is smiling at him and does not say a word, and also having a woman at the more "feminine" occupation. Just watching showed how advertisers and designers use this idea of masculinity in their games to reinforce the idea in the video gamers is just scary to me.

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