Monday, August 27, 2012

The New Velveeta Ads. Have you seen them yet?

Here is another in the semi-recent rash of ad campaigns playing on the hypermasculine man--Velveeta Skillets. Of course a boxed dinner makes sense for such an approach to fit the 'men-can't-cook' stereotype. It's funny how media likes to play on the idea that men can't cook...but only at home. Otherwise they are quite adept at being chefs in 5-star restaurants. What do you think about the 'new' approach of these ads playing with the idea of masculinity. Are they subversive? Are they poking fun at the inflexible nature of masculinity in Western culture are are they simply reinforcing it in an underhanded kind of way? Or are they simply reverting back to the 'woman in the kitchen' ideal? I know I posted about this awhile back with the Drain-O commercials. Those were just plain shocking! At least the Velveeta commercials leave something to the imagination. The Drain-O ads should have been rated R for 'really really RACY.' ;)

Velveeta Ads Introduce the Man Your Mom Could Cook For (with video clips)

That Helicopter Guy at the Mall (with video clip)

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