Thursday, October 25, 2012

Macho Men

                While flipping through the channels the other night, I saw a clip from the show “101 Cars You Must Drive” on the Speed channel hosted by comedian Alonzo Bodden.  I could not control my laughter as I watched this extremely hyper-masculine man (who I would never have guessed is a comedian by trade) explain why one of the cars was on the list.  Dressed in a tank top to show off his bulging arm muscles this man was yelling the whole time, heavy metal music was playing in the background, using violent words to describe the car like “it will crush the competition”, “the other cars will be begging for their life” and basically how domineering and violent you can be while driving such a car.
                I went online to try and find the video clip of this part and the website was even more stereotypical – the left side menu was a selection of various photos of the “hot grid girls” and other bikini clad “dreamgirls”.  This isn’t the clip that I saw, but my argument still stands.  This clip has the host talking about destroying the environment by wasting gas in a Hummer because “that’s what you do”.  For those of you who are car enthusiasts, here is the link for the 101 cars  I'm not against amazing cars, but I certainly think that amazing cars are not men's territory only.
- Jennifer Rey

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