Monday, October 29, 2012

Male Behavior

This is a documentary about Pit Bulls (bull terriers), mastiffs and other big dogs but I found it relevant to this course.  It talks about the idealized male thug image and how having a ferocious dog increases male status on the streets.  How American hip hop videos with rappers showing off their fighting dogs has influenced male behavior in the UK.  How violence is seen as masculine.  How animal abuse is normal male behavior.  How it is OK for men (or anyone for that matter) to beat their dog as a puppy to teach it dominance and obedience and instill aggression..   How entering your dog into fights is masculine.  How giving your male friend’s dog a rabbit to kill so it will learn the taste of blood is a normal display of male friendship. 

Ok…I admit that my stance on animal abuse lead me to this documentary and was a factor in me wanting to share this.  But you cannot deny the relevance it has to this course.

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