Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Disabled Masculinity

   At the intersection of gender and disability we find a conflict between masculinity and disability.  Masculinity is defined by power, autonomy, aggression and domination.  This definition is at odds with our concept of the disabled, who are viewed as helpless and weak.  

  The link I have provided is to a short film about the work of the incredible Key West artist, Eric Anfinson.  

In Eric's words, "Art is everything and sometimes simply an essence. It is the tool that I use and that uses me in return. It is my best and most critical friend. But these words mean nothing by themselves, the work, the active process, is what matters most."   

     I feel that being in touch with men with disabilities is important in the study of masculinity.  Anifinson's work helps those he meets transcend the physical.  Eric's passions and feelings are clear within his artwork.  His perception of the male and female forms, as seen through his artwork, embodies his power and autonomy as well as his sensitivity.     It is easy to see beyond Eric's physical limitations once you have had the opportunity to see into his soul.

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