Sunday, February 16, 2014

"The Perfect Man"

'Tis the season for LOVE!
Wandering through the red and pink covered aisles of the Valentine's Day section at Target you can find a decent array of cute stuffed animals, loads of chocolate, and the occasional - - Wait, what is that? "The Perfect Man" you say?
According to this the perfect man is sweet, decadently rich, and "Just how a man ought to be!"

I thought this also related to this week's class discussion on the male body and whether or not male bodies are objectified, and how much are they objectified in association with the female form.

I can tell you one thing is for sure, I did not see any half naked chocolate models of women in the store. Main reason? It would be deemed as "inappropriate" and would cause an outrage. I can hear it now, women worried about their children being subjected to naked chocolate women. How is this any different? Why can a man be displayed on a pedestal in the form of chocolate, half naked? We should be equally outraged that this is happening. To add to the nudity unrealistic-ness... How about what the box actually says?!

We need to stop putting messages like these out into the world through all media sources, and stop buying into it, or it will not end. Consumerism is what feeds this junk.

Let's go back to the crappy cardboard Valentine's cards, and the Hersey Kisses!

Lacey Poulson (WST 3621 W059)

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