Sunday, September 11, 2016

Man Box in Real Life

Hello all,

After studying the Man Box, I had my own first hand experience on how that affects men in our society.  I was at the gym, working with my personal trainer.  There was one other person there, a man, working with his personal trainer (also male).  I have shared the room with this person more times than I can count.  He always shows that he is trying very hard to complete each move.  This particular night he was taking a lot of breaks and his trainer all of a sudden shouted, "Erin, act like a man!!"  I looked over and wrinkled my face.  I then preceded to tell my trainer about my class experience with the Man Box.  Even when working out, we expect men to get through their workout with minimal breaks and signs of struggle.  We all struggle, men included.  Men should not be subjected to words such as these, just as women shouldn't be subjected to "Oh, well you're a woman so I didn't think you could lift that much weight anyway."

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