Thursday, September 29, 2016

Men vs. Women

Western culture has seen a dramatic increase in the objectification of the male body. Advertisers have created a trend objectifying the male body in order to sell their products. They claim that if their product is purchased then the man will have success in their employment, romantic and personal life. They claim that with hair gel, cologne and underwear men are more appealing to women. They go as far as sexualizing products such as salad dressing. So the question stands: is the objectification of the male body the same as the objectification of the female body? The answer: yes and no. Yes because males are being portrayed as an object the same way that females are. They are told that if they look a certain way then they will possess attributes for success. No because the success they are promoting is different for both genders. The male success includes prosperity, power and strength. The female success includes a man who will provide prosperity, power and strength. Men are certainly objectified in our society and will continue to be. Whether their objectification is different or equal to the female objectification, it is detrimental to both genders.

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