Friday, November 6, 2009


So i'm flipping channels and I accidently stopped on Spike TV and what do I hear, "How cold do you have to be for your balls to fall off?" then "Will spanking lead to horniness?" Yes, this is actually a show. It's called manswers. They even have "scientist" on the show to answer these questions. Is this what men really wonder and think about in their free time?


Evan Wyss said...

Actually, yes.

Ani Reina said...

I have to admit, I watch this show.

Ross said...

Good old manswers. Cable's answer to Life with out Shame. The episode you're refering to is actualy pretty tame. In general, factoids fall into one of two camps.

1. Public Service: How to spot an undercover cop when searching for drugs? short beard, dark glasses How to survive a tiger attack?(bite its nose) Which is more nutritious, you dog or your cat?(cat)

2. Naughty Stuff: Where is it legal to distribute a video of you having sex with a girl on a hidden camera?(Italy) How many beers does it take to kill you?(I don't remember, but lots) Does a midget hooker cost half as much?(No, she'll cost more)

I'm pretty sure (or I hope) that 90% of the audience is laughing at it, not with it. Its over-the-top style is hard to take seriously. Still, the tone, especialy in the "naughty stuff" factoids, eggs guys on to push the limits of the permisible. If, say, 20 beers will kill you, stick to 19 on your binges. Covertly filming a chick naked is awsome! Just make sure you do it where it's legal. Not to mention the content is at best juvenile and at worst offensive. Manswers is busy every day lowering the bar for american entertainment.