Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review- He's Just Not That Into You!

I went to the theatres to watch, He’s Just Not that Into You, as I had the book and read it in high school. The movie was nothing like the book, but they took the common themes of the book and put them into real situations in the movie. The movie was full of great actors such as; Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Ginnifer Goodwin and Scarlett Johansson.

In the movie it shows various relationships; one being just married and dealing with issues as he smokes but is hiding it from her, he then starts cheating on her. One who was taught if men are mean to you it means they like you and she spends the whole movie trying to find love. Another who have been dating for seven years and he has yet to ask to marry her and she thinks he doesn’t love her. All of these different situations are commonly found, but it was enjoyable seeing them all play into each other. So this is how the movie goes, without revealing the end or telling to much about the characters situations. I must add that I highly recommend this movie, it’s filled with humor and even though most of its twisted and exaggerated, things like this can and do happen and you might be able to relate!

The movie takes place in Baltimore, the movie is about 20-30 year olds and their love lives. They all have very different situations, yet these situations can hppen to anyone. I’m sure most of the people in our class can relate to this movie. Gigi played by Ginnfier Goodwin just wants a man who says he'll call, and pulls through. Gigi, she is the narrator of the film. She is a mess throughout the film and is very needy and persistent. She’s the sort of girl who annoys guys because she’s just too nervous and eager. The story if Gigi starts off after a rejection from Conor, Gigi begins getting dating advice from Alex, the owner of a popular bar and Conor's best friend. Alex tells Gigi that Conor wasn't interested in her since he hasn't called her back, if he did like her, he would have made the move. He also tells her that she should stop thinking that she is an exception to this rule, and to stop obsessing over every "sign" that she might pick up on during a date. Gigi proceeds to go on several unsuccessful dates, often calling Alex during dates for advice. Gigi starts believing that Alex is interested in her because he is so willing to take a call from her, even when he's busy at work, or is with a girl, and because she thinks Alex intentionally cancelled a blind date he organized for Gigi and one of his friends. Alex then invites Gigi to a party he's having at his apartment. Gigi takes this invitation as an opportunity to "co-host" the party, Gigi helps make food for guests, and stays behind to clean up. When all the guests are gone, Gigi kisses Alex. Alex, is surprised and gets pissed off, he then tells her he wasn't interested in her romantically, and if he were he would've pursued her. Gigi tells him that even though she obsesses over everything and has embarrassed herself many times, she is closer to finding love than he is and is at least happy that she isn't a bitter and cynical person like him. Gigi and Alex stop speaking to each other, but Alex starts becoming depressed. After being confronted by one of his employees he realizes he's obsessing and over-analyzing his situation with Gigi, in the same way Gigi was at the beginning. Then, Gigi goes on a date with Bill, Alex's friend who was meant to go on the blind date with her. After she returns home, Alex goes to see her at her apartment. …. You’ll have to watch it to see how it ends.

It was a good movie seeing the different situations as they all could be a part of anyone’s love life. I’m sure you’ll want to watch and see how everything turns out after I talked about each of their situations. It was also good seeing how there was no violence toward women. The only thing was the cheating. There were gays in the movie and it did not show any hatred toward them either. I have not seen” I love You Man”, and that seems like it’s relatively got the same focus. These movies are aimed toward the same audiences, but I think that movie would be more toward how men have to be manly and have friends. I think there would be many more themes in that movie that play into our class.


amanda said...

My only problem with this movie was the it kept saying that no one is the exception, everyone is the rule yet it ended with everyone being the exception. Take for example Gigi and Alex. She obsesses over relationships and doesn't know when to let go and realize that these men she's interested in don't like her. The film ends with Alex falling for her and telling her that she is his exception.
I also didn't like the story line around Beth and Neil. Neil loves Beth, Beth loves Neil, Neil doesn't want to get married, Beth does. Beth tells Neil if he won't marry her then she's going to leave him. At the end she comes back to Neil and realizes that they don't need marriage. Too late that Neil is already going to propose. I just feel like they are telling people that you need to get married, their life was perfect without getting married. I guess it just bothered me cause I'm against the whole institution of marriage.
Let's also point out that this whole film was based on white, upper-middle class, educated men and women. And it's all based on heterosexual couples.
It also reinforces the idea that women need men and you are not complete unless you are in a relationship with a men.

Merritt Johnson said...

I agree with you and I'm glad you said all that because I didn't think of it that way until now. I'm not against marraige but if your happy and in love what's the need to get married. I wrote about all the situation and names but then realized we could only write about one and I left out about Gigi being Alex's exception as I was not supposed to give away the end. I liked how they showed different situations without being out there with the themes. I do agree it was upperclass whites. There were some homosexual couples in the movie and there was nothing obvious being negative toward them. The women were shown as needng the men and only being happy with a man whcih I disagree about. I guess I oversaw a lot of issues until you pointed them out. I'm going to watch it again thinking about everything you touched base on.

Anonymous said...

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