Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Things Society Expects of Men

As I was searching on YouTube, for videos about masculinity, I came across this great video of “5 Things Society Expects of Men.” Since this class primarially relates to masculinity, I though this short video is very humourous, yet appropiate. These are 5 things that women expect from men. The talk head asked the questions to a male to see if these expectations are fair and accurate.
One of the five things that society expects from men is that: men need to make more money, which is “the essence of being a man, making money.” The man said that is is almost true. In today’s society, families are living more of an egalitatian lifestyle. Therefore, it is not always the men who are the breadwinners.
The second expectation is “Win, Win, Win. You have to be competitive and win at all times.” The man said that this is very true. That what is masculine is to WIN! However, the video states that if the man doesn’t have a naturally competitive nature, it doesn’t make him nessecerily less of a man. Following that is: Men should be physically strong. The man says its not about physically strong, its all about being mentally strong. The fourth expectation is that in order to be a man you need to know how to fix stuff. Lastly, to classify a true man, you must be able to give a women pleasure.
In conclusion women may have several unrealistic expectations from men. I recommend watching this video on five things that society expects from men.

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