Friday, October 1, 2010

Venus Boyz.

Wow, what a fascinating movie Venus Boyz is! This film vividly portrays female masculinity in a way that many people can relate to. The individuals in the movie believe that they lived as either a man or women in there past time. I think that this movie gives people a different perspective on the transgender world. Transgender individuals are people who do not conform to culturally defined traditional gender roles associated with their sex. This movie makes me realize that it’s perfectly ok to go against the norm. Not everyone fits into the heterosexual or homosexual category and this movie proves that it’s ok.

After watching the movie, I was looking up several film reviews from the movie to see what other viewers thought of Venus Boyz. Here is a film review from The New York Times. I thought it was interesting to read what they had to say.

In addition, this movie relates to topics in which we have discussed in class. It relates to many of the discussions from Men's Lives. The movie reminds me of the discussion article that I lead the class with from article 8 of Men's Lives, The Act-Like-a-Man Box. From an extremely young age boys are told to "Act like a man." They are taught to hide their feelings, appear tough, and most of all never be caught crying. The author explains in the article that this set of expectations is like a box. The book states that it's a "24 hour a day, seven day a week box that society tells boys they must fit themselves into." Venus Boyz reminds me of this article because the people in this movie do not fit into the "Act-Like-a-Man" box category.

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