Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Early Comic Books and their Subjection of Women

Anybody who gets to know me knows one thing about me: I'm a geek. I read comics, watch anime, and play video games. Since I have identified as a feminist though I have enjoyed my geek media with a feminist eye. I came across this article this morning through a link that one of my friends on Facebook posted. While comic books are a new form of media that I've been getting myself into, there are some things about them I know to steer away from. There is no denying that during the 70s and 80s comic books depicted women as the weaker gender who always needs to be saved (while wearing some garment that was unnecessarily revealing). Comics during this time frame also depicted men as the heroes needing way too many muscles and the other men in the comics as being chauvinistic and woman-crazy. The comic book featured in this article speaks loudly to these horrible "credentials". While I know nothing about the comic book series Lois Lane I can get an idea what it might be about. Lois Lane gets herself into compromising situations (sometimes with other busty, curvy women dressed in as little fabric as possible) and needs to be saved by her boyfriend, Superman. Now I love my comics and my anime. I just try to do my best and ignore the pieces that give a bad name to these franchises.

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