Thursday, September 27, 2012

Does Plastic Surgery Make A Man Un-Masculine?

Today, many people's perceptions and beliefs of what the male body should be is influencing many individuals of the male sex to consider extreme measures to fit the medias image. This article speaks of how men are extremely self conscious of their bodies and are doing anything to fit the mold. While many would consider this as okay because they are trying to become more masculine, others would argue that plastic surgery is not masculine and not intended for men. Not only a concern for women, men are also trying to present images of perfection to the public eye. From a male perspective, this article explains men's point of view on lipo- suction.

Whitney Scott


Lela said...
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Riley David said...

It is really very much OK for men to receive Male Cosmetic Treatments because they just want to fix their image. It is also a way to gain confidence in life. Thanks for the review.