Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Homosexuality Masculine?

In society today, masculinity is based solely off of what we think makes a man masculine such as his physical features or characteristics. Instead of actually looking at the individual themselves, we conclude that a man is unmanly or not masculine because of their race, how they dress or act, and due to their sexual preference or being. Recently singer Frank Ocean came out as a gay man in the music industry and was praised by many fellow entertainers and others, for having the courage to do so. Upon coming out, he knew that his masculinity would be both challenged and criticized. Why do you think others have such a hard time with considering gay men as masculine?

This article gives the reaction to the singers homosexuality:

Whitney Scott


Stephanie Hamlin said...

I think its hard for someone like Frank Ocean (who said he was in love with a man, but actually came out as being bisexual) to be accepted in rap because its not something you would see in the environments rappers are typically in/rhyming about. These men are pariahs in their communities, often being called "fairies" and worse. These men are threatening to a "man's man" - Frank Ocean picked a good time to announce his sexuality because the game is changing and more artists are speaking out on his behalf and that of the LGBT community.

Chris said...