Monday, September 17, 2012

Neck Tattoo or Not, We Should Be Boycotting Chris Brown

This article from Huffington Post by Anne Donahue, Neck Tattoo or Not, We Should Be Boycotting Chris Brown specifically addresses the Chris Brown 'battered woman' tattoo on his neck but goes further to examine how media keeps Chris Brown in the public eye and supports his success despite being convicted of beating his girlfriend at the time. Brown claims the tattoo is a Day of the Dead image and perhaps it is. But isn't the blatant similarity of the image to that of a woman with a battered face something he considered? Probably--and he chose to do it anyway. Shock value? Or does he simply not see anything wrong with this? Based on the behavior we have seen reported in the media, it doesn't seem he is affected by the implications or that he has learned or changed, as he is unapologetic about the fact that he badly beat his (ex?) girlfriend. Rihanna. From the beginning, the Chris Brown/Rihanna story has been an opportunity for the media to promote productive discussion about domestic violence but we unfortunately see more sensationalism than we do awareness or education. MTV has been the most irresponsible, in my opinion, by continuing to promote Chris Brown, by featuring him in their music awards shows and by seating them next to one another, etcetera. Women between the ages of 20-24 are at greatest risk for domestic violence which is a core of MTV's demographic. According to to national statistics, "On average, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners" in the U.S. every day. With statistics like this, domestic violence is not something we can afford to take lightly, making commentary and dialogue around the Chris Brown attack even more crucial. For more domestic violence statistics, follow this link.

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whitney scott said...

This is a interesting article. When asking whether or not we should be boycotting Chris Brown are we considering the fact that this individul may have a mental illness and needs help. Rather than turning our backs on him, we should embrace him and figure out a way to help him.
Whitney Scott