Monday, September 21, 2015

A Silent Epidemic - Eating Disorders Among Males

Eating disorders and the dangers they present are slowly gaining more attention. People are beginning to become aware of the warning signs and there are more resources out there for individuals receiving treatment. There is still an aspect, however, of eating disorders that has remained silent: eating disorders in males. It’s often seen as a “girl’s problem” and not something boys deal with, and this stigma only makes it harder for a man to ask for help. 
The idea of a man struggling with eating and body image goes against the mainstream ideal of masculinity, but it’s important that we start to talk about it. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 10 million males in the U.S. suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder. An important intersection is also the consistency of eating disorders in gay males; 42% of men with eating disorders identify as gay. 

These men's stories need to be heard. Evan Taubenfeld shares a personal and emotional story of his eating disorder and how he is beginning to fight for his health (Trigger Warning).

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