Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mikki vs. Joshua

This morning on the television show “The Doctors” two men were invited on the show after they had an “online feud”. The feud was between Mikki (a dad that took a video after he let his son buy a mermaid doll) and Joshua (a dad that made a video in response to Mikki and bashed his parenting style).

The hosts of the television show allowed each man to state his opinion, but tried to help Joshua understand a few things; mainly that his opinions have the potential to be extremely destructive toward children that are exploring their gender or sexual identity. The consensus between the professionals is that it is good to allow children to choose their own ways. There is NOTHING wrong with children choosing whatever toy that interests them!

“If we could nurture children for who they are, they will find their own paths.”- Dr. Mike Dow, psychotherapist

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