Friday, September 4, 2015

"Are You Man Enough?"

Merriam-Webster defines the term 'masculine' as “of, relating to, or suited to men or boys; grammar in some languages: of or belonging to the class of words (called a gender) that ordinarily includes most of the words referring to males (Merriam-Webster).” I want to touch on the introduction of masculinities, and the stereotypes that face young boys, and even girls today. I found these two website interesting. First is an interview about stereotypical masculinity, and a reporters’ view of it. Also below is a Planned Parenthood page, which under ‘What is Feminine? What is Masculine?’ includes commonly used words to describes the stereotype. Stereotyping is dangerous when it comes to raising children. Boys wear blue, girls wear pink, boys don’t cry, girls are sensitive. I question how the world can grow and progress, and teach people equality when we are always labeling and expecting different things from boys and girls. Why can’t a child grow up to be unique and there own person without society butting in and forming them to their standards? This is one of the many things wrong with society. We want to progress as a nation but yet we are still stuck in ‘old-fashioned’ ways of thinking.

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