Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Code Switching

Men are taught from a young age that they have to be manly, powerful and that they must never show fear. They know that as soon as they are in the public eye their emotions must be tucked away and that they must never be seen by anyone but themselves. So naturally they put on a front around women and especially other men. This phenomena can be referred to as "code switching". Men have two selves, who they are in private and who they are when they are surrounded by others. When surrounded by others they find any way to be respected and gain status. But "code switching" is hardly innocent. A recording of Donald Trump from 11 years ago has recently been discovered where he discusses kissing women and grabbing them by their private parts. In the interview below, his wife Melania, defends her husbands recording as "boy talk". We have all seen "boy talk" where men act strong and powerful, but is it still "boy talk" when a man is clearly discussing sexual abuse? Melania defends her husband and refuses to believe the allegations of Donald sexually assaulting women. It is her mentality and the upbringing of men that teach them that it is okay to "boy talk" and degrade and harm women. 

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