Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The School Success and Opportunity Act

The Governor of California signed a bill to allow transgender kids to participate in sex-segregated activities and program.  transgender student are now able to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.  A transgender student was very happy that this law was passed because she stated that she no longer has to lie about her gender , just to get good grades.  Although many people are happy about the law passing, they are some that furious because they claim that it can put their kids at risk.  For example, a mother of one of the students was very concern about her daughter using the bathroom in the school.  The mother said that her daughter could have a boy walk in on her while using the bathroom. 


B-rad said...

What if a boy did walk in on a concerned mother's daughter while the daughter was using the restroom? What is the fear? It seems that the fear is entirely irrational. Is the fear sexual assault or loss of modesty?

Our society is so deeply gendered it doesn't even bother to explain why two genders sharing a bathroom is so horrible to begin with.

The North Carolina rule was terrible because it was discriminatory, inflammatory and unnecessary. But it was also poorly reasoned. There are transgendered men who were born women who have muscles and beards. If they had to go to the restroom of their assigned gender at birth, then it would defeat the purpose of the hateful bill in the first place...whatever that purpose was.

This fear of unisex bathrooms is worth exploring.

Michelle Francis said...

My thing is... even if the boy was to walk in on her daughter, he wouldn't be able to see anything because they have bathroom stalls. Just Ridiculous. Do you know how many times we as females uses the men's bathroom? I for one will not hesitate to use a mans bathroom if it is an emergency. And guess what, the men's bathroom consist of urinal that are in the open. lol.