Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Film Review Possibilities

There's so many amazing films to choose from to do our film review on, but I wanted to mention two that are lesser known that I think would also be great.

Soldier's Girl is based on a true story that deals with masculinity & the military as well as sexuality. It's an amazing film and I suggest everyone watch it (though very difficult to watch in many parts). I took an Art of Film class a few years ago and we watched this which amounted to some great class discussion.

Another one is La Mission, another one dealing with sexuality but also a lot to do with machismo and Latino masculinity. Bonus: this one is on Netflix instant viewing, if you have it.

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Coming out the closet Feminist! said...

WOw Heather thats funny you mentoned i'm actually doing mine on La Mission. I came across it on Netflix and just loved it completely and wll be doing my film review on it. It is a great movie to watch