Thursday, September 30, 2010

Venus Boyz Discussion

Respond to Venus Boyz in relation to any of the discussions, texts, or other films we have examined in this course. Think about how this film and/or its characters challenge(s), uphold(s), complicate(s), and/or provide(s) new insight (or not) into masculinity and gender as a construct or, as Judith Butler asserts, "performative"? How do you respond to the film's treatment of gender, trans issues, spectacle, etcetera? Does it marginalize or bring "other" to the center (or some variation)? Explore the Venus Boyz website (linked below) and respond to any component of the extended discussion on the website. You may or may not abide by these prompts, but I would like to see connections to other texts/discussions we have explored re: masculinity. 

Press Kit: including Interview with Director Gabriel Baur and interviews with performers (etcetera)

Venus Boys website (including quotes from Judith Halberstam I would like you to consider in your response): Click on "Topic" at bottom of screen then click on "Quotes from Halberstam".

You may choose one of the readings listed on our schedule for this week (I expect you to read at least one of them) and integrate this into your discussion. 

You should also respond to at least one classmate and engage in dialogue about the film. It should be evident you watched it and are making connections to the course as a whole, including various theoretical positions we have explored thus far. Your response should be a minimum of 250-words long. DO NOT SIMPLY INCLUDE YOUR OPINION OF THE FILM, but also connections and critical analysis. 

Hope you enjoyed it! Leandra

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