Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pro Wrestler Mick Foley Finds His Next Opponent: Sexual Violence

I saw Mick Foley (a.k.a. Pro Wrestler Cactus Jack) on my flight yesterday morning. I did not necessarily know who he was except that my plane neighbor was enamored. I looked him up on my phone and was like, "wow...interesting guy." He stuck out like a sore thumb in first class (not that *I* was in first class but I was in an early row so I saw him there;). Anyway, I posted his pic on FB because it was a random sighting and was then alerted to his wonderful work against sexual violence. Check this out (along with the title link...then look into him more if you don't know who he is). I am really interested in his simultaneous upholding and challenging of masculinity through his work. When we watch Wrestling with Manhood, it will also be useful to think about Foley, since the film is highly critical of pro-wrestling culture and its relationship to violence against women. He is now a prolific writer, an activist against sexual violence, and still films TNA wrestling (at Universal Studios in Otown). He basically bucks social expectation while challenging thinking about masculinity and violence against women. I'm envisioning a future Men Against Rape speaker possibility... :)

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