Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My thoughts on the readings for week 3

As I was reading through this weeks stories in Men's Lives, about cultural constructions of masculinity, I really learned a lot about men. I've learned that it's not so easy to be a guy and all men are not created equal after all. This chapter is primarily about Asian men not being treated equally as other men in the United States. The next chapter that I read is titled "Boyhood." The articles in this chapter talk about how boys develop and the factors that shape boys lives. After reading all of the articles I now have a better understanding of men's lives and the "Theories of Masculinity."


Leila said...

hi alyssa! i'm happy to see you posted a response. but it's really hard to read with the it possible you can change the color of your font? also i'm going to post a link to the film we watched in class so you can watch it before next week. we did not discuss it tonight (since we ran out of time) but will reference it next week. hope you are having a great holiday!

Leila said...

i changed the blog design so it's easier to read in general. so now your post is visible too:)