Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This struck me as ridiculous, but not surprising. I am not an avid-Cosmo-reader by any means, but my opinion stems from the minutes I spend at Publix flipping straight to the "Confessions" article (so addicting!).

But *AHEM*

I feel one of it's strengths is the responsibility they've put on American women to maintain these unrealistic roles or else they are inadequate beings! (Along with contributing to women's unhealthy body image, class issues, and gender roles, blah blah but I digress).

In the sake of Masculinity, the above article is about Cosmo's "Hottest Commercial Guys", along with a tiny analyses of each stereotype. I know it's parody, but it's interesting to see what a "Cosmogirl" finds attractive in their "man".

(And was it me or did it seem strange that "The Listerine Guy" made it in.)

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