Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Song by Devo

Everybody loves Devo, and if you haven't heard of the band, I'm sure you've heard of the music ("Whip It" is a huge 80's song). On the way to work the other day I heard one of their newest and it was pretty catchy. It's called "Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)", and my analysis was it being about a "superhero" character getting up and doing his normal routine of work trying to save the world. Another interpretation I found was about a corporate male and the mundane life he leads. Either way, I'm sure I could be wrong, but I thought I'd post this to incite some thought and other interpretations. In relation to masculinity, it's another common example of male privilege, and the assumption that a male can only do this job. Then again it is "Devo", so who knows what it's really about.

Here are the lyrics:

I get up every day, it's a miracle I'm told
Somehow I live to work, so I hit the road
Squeeze into my hybrid car, drive as fast as I can
While I scan the rooftops, yeah I scan the rooftops

Don't shoot
I'm a man x2

I live in every city
All around the world
Sometimes it's way too hot
Sometimes it's friggin' cold
One thing's always the same
No matter what they say
There's way too many problems
Way, way too many problems

Don't shoot
I'm a man x2

You wish you were swinging from the trees
You wish you were slicing through the breeze
You wish you were king or a queen
You wish you'd hit the lottery

But wishing is for chumps
High hoping is for fools
They'll hunt you down and taze you bro
For playing with their rules

Don't shoot
I'm a man x2

I've got a big dilemma
To punt or go for broke
It's got me goin' sleepless
Well I'm about to choke

So let me ask you something
Answer if you can
Think before you answer
There is no correct answer

So Don't shoot, I'm a man
Don't shoot, I'm a man

Don't taze me bro x4

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