Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Response to the Ugly Truth film review

I had read this blog actually before I even saw the movie. The movie I actually did love and thought it was hilarious. But I thought Wendy had done a great job at picking up on the way the movie depicts how its supposedly ok for men to have responses to relationships the way he does in the movie. And how funny that he ends up getting the girl at the end of the movie as well! One part of the movie that stood out a little more in mind after reading the review was the dinner with all the big-wig executives. Either though the woman in the movie is not only a main-character and in charge of the whole show they do, she is continually spoken over and ignored for what she has to say and they are much more interested in what the man has to say, even though a good majority of it is very sexist. Other things about the movie that I think made it a good choice to review was how she had to change not only her image to impress a man, but her personality also. It's upsetting to think that we as women can't have someone like us for who we are, rather than what we could possibly be to be better. And I know that I have definitely seen other girls I know do the same thing in real life. They act like they are interested in something that they really aren't interested in at all, and have to appear more "sexual" in order to gain the attention of someone. It's really disappointing to think that this is what men like to have presented to them (not all men of course). And its even more upsetting that women feed into the idea. I did love the movie and think it was hilarious, but its easier to think its funny because it is just acting, its just sad that it unfortunately happens in real life to. It was a great movie to choose for the film review.

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