Friday, November 25, 2011

Dr. Pepper 10: diet drink for men?

I was visiting with my folks over the holidays and some of my family members were sitting around watching some television and this really bizarre commercial came on. Now I haven't had a TV of my own for quite some time so I don't know this commercial is old news by now or what but this just seemed really weird.

Apparently the new Dr. Pepper drink is diet enough to be considered a diet drink but still has enough calories to be considered manly? In the commercial, the ultra-macho manly man says, "You can keep your romantic comedies and diet drinks. Dr. Pepper 10 is for men." So, this ad is specifically trying to appeal to a certain kind of male with this new diet drink. I wonder to what extent this type of ad is effective.



Kris said...

I have seen this commercial a few times, I cannot believe it has been able to stay on air for this long. Why would any soda company want to sell a soda only to "men"? Wouldn't good advertising include 100% of your potential customers? Then again they obviously do not know good advertising. So pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I think that this advertisement is blatantly over the top in its sarcasm, and they are trying to get men on board with the idea of a diet soda...I don't know any men or women who think it is seriously directed at men exclusively, nor meant to literally exclude women