Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Research on Men and Masculinity

I came across this journal while doing research for another class and I thought I'd share it for fellow psychology students or anyone interested in research :) The Journal is called the Journal of Psychology of Men and Masculinity. Some of the abstracts look really interesting and I'm sure you could get the full versions by logging onto UCF's library website.


Courtney said...

Hi There- I was just looking through your blog and was so excited to see another group of students out there posting about masculinity. I teach a course called "Men and Masculinity" at Prescott College and our class has a blog as well. We posted a link to your blog on our site, hopefully more of our students will visit your blog and post comments. Feel free to check ours out and to post comments on our blog as well. It would be fun to get some discussions going. I am sorry I am putting this in your comments section, I wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you all. The link to our blog is http://www.masculinityandsocialjustice.blogspot.com

Leila said...

Excellent! I teach this Masculinities course and would love to collaborate. I will check out your blog but if you'd like to talk more, email me at goleandra@gmail.com!

Thanks so much:) Leandra