Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I was driving around town for work when I really paid attention to Bruno Mars' latest hit song, "It will rain." It goes something like this "I'm making alot of sacrifices for you; don't you ever leave me baby or I may develop a substance abuse problem " It was alarming to me because I know I've heard my little sister and cousins singing along to this and commenting on how adorable it is. Songs with lyrics like this take away from the gravity of situations in which people do say these things and mean it. It makes it okay for young boys to tell their girlfriends to be ready to feel awfully guilty if they ever try to leave. After researching the song a little bit, it seems that it was produced for the new Twilight movie. A song like this goes along perfectly with a saga that romanticizes a boy staring at you while you sleep from your window.

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