Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is the stuff I appreciate from Yahoo!

I posted this to my Facebook wall in October and decided that since I bad mouthed Yahoo! for their crap on dating advice, etc. I should share a redeeming post of an photo found in Yahoo! News which links to the original article at that I would not have otherwise known about. I am pretty impressed because the school realized that a "female identifying person" who happens to have a gay orientation can be a "king." At least the structures of king and queen have been questioned, but I think they should get rid of the whole tradition all together.
P.S. She also just happens to be badass too:
Arellano posted a statement to those who opposed her on her Facebook wall that read: "For all the girls who think tradition should be continued, go back to the kitchen, stop having sex before you're married, get out of school and job system, don't have an opinion, don't own any property, give up the right to marry who you love, don't vote, and allow your husband to do whatever he pleases to you. Think about the meaning of tradition when you use it in your argument against us."

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