Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Female Rappers on the Come Up

How many female rappers can you name? A decade ago you may have only been able to name a hand full – if that. The most common responses would most likely have been Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim. Now, you would probably hear Nicki Minaj, Dej Loaf, and Young M.A., Iggy Azalea, and Honey Cocaine just to name a few. Female rappers are not only becoming more prevalent, but also more accepted within the hip-hop/rap culture. To me, it is extremely interesting that the number of female rappers is in on the rise, not because I doubt their ability, but because hip-hop/rap is seen as an outlet in which black men can express their masculinity. From our class discussions, everyone knows that hip-hop and rap is dominated by black men expressing hypermasculinity, sexism, and violence. Oddly enough, one of the most profound topics are women and the use and disposal of them by men. This field is so dominated by men that one has to wonder why a women would want to be a part of a culture that degrades their own sex. I would reason that rap isn’t just about men proving themselves and exploiting women, but it’s a form of expression; it allows a person to tell a story – their story. Rap allows a person to speak on things that has greatly impacted their life and contributed to the person they have become. Obviously, women find pleasure in this form of expression even if they don’t talk about the same things as men.

The influx of female rappers in and of itself says something about the transition that is taking place within the hip-hop and rap culture. Because women are being permitted more access to this historically male-dominated field, it goes to show that talent supersedes a person’s sex. Not only that, but this says that the attitude that rappers once held about allowing female rappers into their faction so to speak has changed. For females to be granted access to this field is a huge accomplishment and I hope to see even more female rappers in the next few years.


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