Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I feel like a lot of social norms are changing, and in some cases have even been reversed in regards to gender roles of males and females. I came to this conclusion from the countless amount of memes that I see every day on Instagram and Facebook. These memes are exploiting the flaws of men and accrediting women with the roles that men are “supposed” to do. Having said that, yes, it is socially constructed that men are supposed to be the breadwinners while the women take care of the children. However, there are men, and all of us could easily name several right of the back, that truly believe they are superior to women, that women are there to fulfill their sexual desires, and to bear their “seed.” With that being said, there are men who are.. ready for it? Here it is… HYPOCRITES! There are men who believe they are superior to women, and I mean like total misogynists, yet they rely on women – whether it be there girlfriend/wife, mother, sister, grandma or what have you, for support – which is fine! The problem lies where they down talk and disrespect women when clearly if it weren’t for women they wouldn’t be where they are. Hence, a lot of memes are being created off of this phenomenon. Memes become popular when people are able to relate to them, when they are funny, and/or when they normalize situations that may feel as if they only apply to you. Needless to say, memes convey a whole lot of truth. I think girls are tired of men taking all of the credit for things they are “supposed” to do but don’t. And if you say “Well, we don’t live in those times anymore” or “You can’t expect a man to be on their A-game 100% of time” that’s cool, in fact you’re right! Just give women the credit they deserve, that’s all we’re asking for!

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