Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Male Ballet Dancers

A lot of people see male ballot dancers as being effeminate and find the art emasculating, but you must know that dance is a wonderful form of expression. Dancers narrate stories from a variety of different orientations including anything from happiness to darkness and death. Ballet originated in France and structure and techniques alone are more complex than most dance genres. Not only that, ballet teaches you the fundamentals of all dances. Even football players take ballet classes. So, even though football is seen as the most masculine sport, they use an art that is viewed as feminine to help them be better and their “masculine” sport. The Benefits of taking ballet as a football player helps them with their flexibility, strength and stamina. Just imagine the immense amount of hours practicing grande jeté, pliés, and lifts or land on your feet gracefully without losing balance. Even hip-hop dancers need to work on their plies. Male hip-hop dancers should not be the only dancers that are considered masculine, when clearly it is highly intertwined with ballet. We should really move away from this idea that male ballot dancers are gay or feminine simply because of the genre of dance they perform. 


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