Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

The Bitch magazine blog has a post about Tucker Max and his book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which will soon be made into a film.

Wondering how others feel about his book and his portrayal of women.


Anonymous said...

rawr i fucking hate that jerk. i don't like stereotyping but his main fan base is drunken frat dudes who make rape jokes and i think it's super fucked that he's doing a lecture circuit at universities :/ i agree that it is kind of buying into what he's selling by being 'angry feminists' because that's what he wants but at the same time i'm completely okay with accepting the angry feminist role against douches like him. this dude is not sex posi and most def does not luv wimmin. this is also another disgusting example of how closely tied capitalism and patriarchy are. misogynist d00d writes book about fucking drunk chicks and makes millions. feminist womyn writes book about jerks who use drunk chicks and barely makes anything. Rawr
this is what I say to him: ihatechukthxbai4evahtuckermaxxx

Anita P. said...

EW! I completely share Kathryn (and I’m sure, Amanda’s) anger on the subject of Tucker Max. I feel as if it is a huge step backwards for our society to allow someone like Tucker Max and his experiences to be so popular. It’s bad enough that his sort of lifestyle is widely accepted and promoted on college campuses and within certain social circles all over the world but making a high-budget feature film along with a line of merchandise about it is extremely discouraging. The article (and comments) in Bitch magazine bring up some interesting points about Tucker Max’s perpetuation of rape CULTURE. I find myself frustrated and annoyed at the fact that most people just don’t get it! “It” being that we already live in a misogynistic and patriarchal world where rape is a serious crime (but constantly joked about) and when some asshole like Tucker Max comes around and gets frat boys (and, unfortunately, plenty of girls) excited over such hateful acts and obvious portrayals of sexism, the mass media, schools, teachers, politicians, parents, friends, EVERYONE, for that matter, should actively denounce this behavior and also be angry. But I guarantee that for the entirety of Tucker Max’s fame we won’t hear any discussion that comes even close to the discussion on this blog or the Bitch magazine post on mainstream news or popular movie critiques or MTV because most people just don’t consider it THAT big of a deal. I know I’m preaching to the choir here when I say it’s our responsibility as feminists, equalists, humanists etc. to inform people that Tucker Max the Brand is unacceptable and everyone who enjoys and perpetuates his lifestyle and attitude is doing a huge disservice to the human race.

Zen Lien said...

I love him, he's awesome. Just kidding,not really. Bitch had it right, if there is a guy who could embody the spirit of douchebag it would be this one. Perhaps this is why I have never really enjoyed college, because no matter what, at some point at least one guy at any large party is a Tucker Max. The sad part is there aren't many options in dealing with them. If we tell them they are an asshole they take it as a compliment or label us as annoying bitches. Or in order to not be the party pissers we can go along with it and be treated like shit with the "boys will boys" attitude. It is so commonplace people don't see it as a problem, especially in college where we should be expanding our minds not narrowing them.

Its so obvious the Tucker Max mentality forces men into groups the same way. They're either that "pussy" who can't have a good time or that way awesome, drunk, womanizing asshole. Men will be willing to disrespect, harass, even rape women and look like fools to prove they are one of the guys.
And where did the idea that "women love assholes" (Max's next book is titled "Assholes finish First") Seriously? Tucker Max: money can be spent, fame can fade and women will leave you/break up/divorce you.All thats left is a dumb asshole.

Ani Reina said...

Kathryn:loved the grammar! :D
You are the best TA eva!

amanda said...

here's the movie trailer (ughhh):