Sunday, September 27, 2009

Listen Up Boi, I'm Gna Talk Feminism to yu ;)

UCF's Feminist Agenda presents "Talk Feminism To Me..."

With yer hosts of the evening:

Debonair, White Chocolate, Bianca & Ari

Monday, September 28th @ 8- 10pm


Topic of the Night:

What is Feminism?
Confront the "I am not a Feminist but syndrome..."
Community Activism: What's going on with the folks in at UCF...?
How can you get more involved?

A little this. a little that. All mixed together with some bad ass muzic :D

Call us @ (407) 823-4585.
Requet a song.
Ask a question.
Discuss a current issue.
Let us know what you want next weeks topic to be.
I dont care.
Just listen.
and tune in Monday night (even as some cool background listening).

Holla. <3 Arielle

PS- If you have any weekly events going on in your organization from now until Monday- email me at and I'll send a shout out!


Ross said...

Is this a one-time thing?

Leila said...

No! They'll do it every Monday. And one week will be devoted to masculinities. Yay:)