Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dr. Pepper is Not for Women

Advertising executives sit around all day trying to think of clever ways to get consumers to buy their product. Dr. Pepper TEN should be easy enough. It's Dr. Pepper! With ten calories! Luckily, in America, we love learning new ways to lose weight. Ta-dah! Easy sell, right?

It must be much more complicated than I thought. For you see, Dr. Pepper TEN is not for women. The site doesn't say why. I can only imagine that should a woman take a swig of Dr. Pepper TEN, she'll have sudden desires for motorbikes, wrestling, and beer, and that would ruin everyone's precious sensibilities of masculinity and femininity. On a lark, I'll take a guess that Dr. Pepper TEN plans on advertising itself as a MAN's drink. Since, you know, men and women are the only genders to exist in the lovely binary paradise that is commercials.

If you think that Dr. Pepper TEN can, in fact, be consumed by women, here's some ways to contact customer service.

Telephone: 1-800-696-5891

Online Customer Service Form:

Also, ladies? Feel free to ride motorbikes, watch wrestling, and drink beer. It's all good.

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