Thursday, September 8, 2011

My boyfriend shared this with me tonight because he was shocked at how offensive it was. So I thought I'd share it here.

There's quite a few other videos along the same "manbulance" theme. My main thought on this whole advertising strategy is (other than finding it offensive) that I'm confused as to why a company would willingly alienate a huge product base? Are women incapable of eating a slim jim?


Leila said...

this relates to our readings for this week, especially the idea of the "specter of the faggot" and its function in creating/upholding contemporary American masculinity. we can think about this trope as a response to an increasing cultural shaking up of traditional concepts of masculinity, perhaps.

Joanni said...
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Joanni said...

I think it's more shocking all the commercials that exist with similar ideas. I had an assignment for another class in which I had to find a commercial with gendered characters. Old Spice has commercial after commercial of exaggerated masculinity. Below is a link to the commercial I chose for the assignment.