Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Surprise--Another Sexist Ad from a Beer Company

Well isn't this lovely? Dr. Santana (Director of Women's Studies at UCF) spoke last week about gender and advertising and brought in several sexist ads for discussion--including this one. I'm linking it to an article which briefly discusses/critiques it, but it reminded me of our discussion about "caveman masculinity" and a comment in tonight's class about colonialist-inspired masculinity. Unfortunately one does not have to look far to find ads as explicitly offensive as this, even--or maybe especially--today. This saddens me not only because I am reminded of how socially acceptable sexism and racism continue to be, but also because I actually enjoy Dos Equis and now I am going to have to stop drinking it. Put your money where your mind is. Write letters. Tell your friends. Be critical consumers.

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