Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Straight White Male" by Andrew Jackson Jihad

Alright guys, I was at a show tonight and one of the bands, Andrew Jackson Jihad, played a song that fit beautifully with a lot of what we talk about in class. I've provided a link to a youtube video of the song if you click the title of this post. The quality isn't great, so if you have a service like spotify that might be a better option. Here are the lyrics (and fyi, there are some swears in case that bothers you):

I am white and I've got everything I need.
No one clutches their purse when they're in a room alone with me
and I can drive through any neighborhood
I please at any hour and the police don't do a thing.

So if I see a penny on the ground,
I leave it alone or fucking flip it.
I'm a straight white male in America.
I've got all the luck I need.

I'm a guy getting paid more than a girl with a degree
and I can walk down the street at night and no one wants to rape me.
And I can get a girl pregnant and just as easily flee.
Just like my straight, white male dad did to me.


I've got a pile of broken mirrors and I'm walking under ladders
and I'll spill a ton of salt because to me that doesn't matter.
'Cause my skin and my gender and my orientation
are the best things to have when you live in this nation.
I recommend it highly.


Shit's gonna work out for me.
I'm a straight white male in America.
I've got all the luck I need.

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