Monday, March 10, 2014

Does that gun make you a man?

This image displays masculinity being used as advertising for guns. Growing up in an impoverished predominantly black community I have seen young men walking around with guns as if it was a right of passage. Older men would  ask them "do you think that gun makes you a man?", the young ones would respond with ignorance.  It brings up the idea that violence is openly accepted in the masculinity box. Masculinity can be displayed by the amount of fear you can instill into another person. When someone is pointing something at you that can take your life it could cause instant fear. Some men will maintain there masculinity by acting they are not scared and other will let the shooter suck the masculinity out of their soul. Another point,  why is being scared not allowed in the man box? Who invited violence into this box and would a gun  be the missing puzzle in a man's quest for ultimate masculinity?

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