Saturday, March 29, 2014

Male Rape is Hilarious...Isn't it?

Difficult to watch, but entirely worth it.

We're supposed to give a commentary or what we learned from links we post, but I honestly know that what I have to say about this video is utterly covered in the two minutes it takes to watch it. The link is to an article about the video if you really require more words, but for now I'll just say this: This video is necessary. It was necessary to be recorded, it was necessary to post and it is necessary to watch.

Male rape isn't just in prison, it isn't just with children and it isn't less important than female rape. It's horrible thing that can happen to anyone, but even more horrible is carrying on after the fact. The video makes this clear, crystal clear. Please watch this video.

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Lacey Poulson said...

Thanks for posting this. This video wasn't like anything I could've expected!