Saturday, March 29, 2014

Man Up... For a Burger?

Eat Like You Mean It

According to a recent Carl's Jr. ad, it's time to man up!

This ad shows well known X-Men antagonist Mystique holding a large bacon, cheese, and fried onion draped burger turning into a man before taking a bite. It's garnered some negative attention recently with it's connection between being a man and enjoying a burger which has prompted the X-Men Movies Facebook page to remove the ad from it's wall.

There's plenty of articles about what they did and why it's wrong. I, personally, believe they just made a mistake. This is the same company that showed a model eating a burger....actually I just watched a few of their more recent ads and they are highly sexualized (like a lot of commercials). It's definitely not a good look and I seen loads of comments from men and women detailing their disgust with these ads. It seems like Carl's Jr may be doing this to create their own "edgy" brand and get some attention for their limited products. Either way I hope they start to use less controversy for their products. I feel like after the Doctor Pepper Ten fiasco from 2011 you would think companies would avoid trying to piss off a large chunk of their audience.

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